Want a Cake?

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Want a Cake)
Neh, I prefer a coffee. ;)

Yeah it has been another Monday, started with the outage of Streamyx. I am not really sure if they fixed it but I still face some intermittent disconnection right now. (Darn...) Anyway, I will make a call to follow up tomorrow again, just to ensure that the line is up and running properly. Something to glad about is that, mom is out from the hospital today and she is feeling great. (I am glad about that). Fetch her back today and bought a McD (McChicken and look like she prefer McChicken over Fillet O Fish). ;) Anyway, I am glad she is alright and has been released out now... :")

Alright, just another anime figure shoot for today. (After some checking I think this figure are from the K-ON anime that shows in Animax). I hope that I am right. :") Anyway is a 2 lights setup. The shooting of this figure didn't went well where the battery for 580EXII run dried today. (While my SB800 battery is still up and running). No choice..., I take out all batteries and go for a quick charge and get back for a quick shoot for this figure. 1 softbox on the right (slightly adjusted back to give the background some grey-ish feel (in stead of the seemless white that I always did) + a gridded flash on the back left to give the hair some additional kick. Here we go, our photo of the day, "Want a Cake" - Large. ;)

Alright, that's all for tonight. I will get the batteries for a full recharge now. I hope you all have a great night. (LB is going to have a 12am meeting soon and we have another 7am meeting tomorrow, I hope we could make it tomorrow :"P) Night folks. ;)


  1. 出院了就好。:) 要多陪陪她老人家哦~

  2. 哈哈。。。是啊。。。会的了。;)





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