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Yes that's me - an Art Work by Cool Lounge

Finally I am back to PG again, writing this blog post. After a pretty rocking and astonishing Saturday night. Yes, me and LB has went to watch the Ah Mei - AMIT concert. (Which I mentioned in my previous post).

I didn't bring my camera along this round. I told myself that I should just sitting on the upper level stage looking down and feel the whole atmosphere of the concert. (Forget about photographing for a moment) You will noticed the effort put in by the crews on setting up the whole stage, the lighting, the band and of course the singer, to ensure a successful event. The energy that Ah Mei could produce on the stage. As well as the interaction of the band (from Japan) and trust me you are gonna love the whole concert.

At that moment, I really hope that I will get a photo pass stand in front of the stage to get some photo shoot for the 1st three songs. (Seriously I did...). So, if there is anyone who could get me some photo pass for any of the concert. I will really appreciate it... :")

Along the concert, you will realize how great Ah Mei sound is... specially when she sing her solo without any backup from the band. You could just close your eyes and feel the voice. (I am touch by the voice, recalling when is the 1st time I listen to all of those songs and some of the memory just flash back - and somehow the tears just rumbling in my eyes...somehow....). I will just say that her voice touch my heart. :") and not to forget all the band and the backup singers. I love all the whole band, how they guiding each other and of course when they are solo with their own instruments. (IT IS JUST ELECTRIFYING!)

Anyway, I am glad and appreciate that I am there with LB this round. It reminds me of how it is like when I am in Ah Mei concert last time. I think the one this round is much better than the last one. It is just mesmerizing. :) I hope that there will be another one next year. (May be I will be there again... hopefully) ;)

Anyway, there is no photo for today. BUT..., I have a drawing here. I got it via Kiriban @ coollouge. Do check out the art work by Kemy. She is in deed a very talented artist. ;) Her next Kiriban is 16090. ;"P So for those who like to get an art work from Kemy. Do follow her blog ya. :) Alright, I guess that's all for tonight. I should get some rest and do some reading. (Just got tones of book from Kinokuniya again - times to take some time off to read and finish all the books again) ;) Night people. :)

* May be I should have a Kiriban for my photo shoot as well. What do you all think? ; )


  1. So Sorry Agnes... I didn't bring my camera along.:"P Only got a few cacated shoot from my phone... :"P

  2. hehe...okok. Sure very enjoy in the concert. ;-)

  3. Yes, seriously enjoy the concert a lot!:)

  4. 你抢了我的 kiriban 涅~~
    哈哈,下一回我再抢过 :P

  5. 哈哈。。。别那样嘛。。。我就这么的刚巧拿到的。:“)好好下一回就是您的。





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