Before Losing the Interest

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Before Losing Interest)
Poor LB need to pose for me. ~:") (Thanks) - in Large

Another tiring weekend. But I feel much better with a good (and looong...) sleep on Saturday. Been waking up pretty early today to go for the "cheng beng". (Just to reach there earlier and beat the sunlight that might be pretty hot around 9am). Anyway we finish pretty early and get back home around 9am++. Get a small nap (yes again...) and after having a family lunch all of us went back to PG again. :)

Anyway photo of the day are taken on Saturday evening at Alor Setar while waiting for brother to come back from PG for dinner. setting up the light doing some test shoot and get LB to pose for me this round. :"D (Oh yeah, finally she is willing to pose for a few shoots - It is not easy to get LB to join me for some photo shoot though). :") Another all of these are quick shoot, I think everything roughly finish in 8 minutes. (Before the sky faded away and before LB lost interest in the shooting. :"P) and brother is right on time. He pretty much arrived while I am clearing up my gears and after that we went to have our Thai dinner at Jitra. (Oh Yeah, it taste very nice) ;) Another 2 lights setup again (You could see another one behind LB, and one main light in soft-box on the left).

Alright, that's all for tonight. I think I will stop for now. Still feel kinda tired (somehow...) will see if I could get some early rest and prepare for a brand new week. ;) An early Happy Monday and a nice evening to everyone. :)


  1. jitra thai food ? kampung siam ah?

    ha ha..anyway, good try on the photo...

  2. Hehe... nope it is call "Long Liang" just a turning on the Jitra Hospital. Go Straight (after a small bridge) and it is on your left.

    Thanks Peow, for dropping by again. Hope that everything is alright for you in KL. ;)

  3. nice one..but your 'model' seems abit 'bo kammuan' haha. joking joking =)

  4. Haha... thanks FY. Hehe she is already at the urge of losing her interest of continue snapping already. :"P (Pai seh pai seh) ;")

  5. 没去过亚罗士打哦……很靠近 jitra 吗?有机会也想去看看 :)

  6. 哈哈。。。不会很远。亚罗士打没什么特别。。。也是一个小城市。:)距离Jitra不远,有空可要过来看看啊。;)





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