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Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Uryū Ishida)

Today, we are back to our product shoot (Yes another one of the Bleach series character known as Uryū Ishida)  . It is a 2 lights setup this round. A soft box on the right about 3 feet away and a gridded flash light with CTO on the left about 1 feet away. ;) And here we are, the photo of the day. :")

Anyway I will be going down to Kuala Lumpur this weekend to watch Ah Mei's Amit Concert that will be live at the Putra Stadium. I am happy that we are going to make it this round. We miss the previous one (Where LB is kinda disappointed with that, and I have promised her that I will bring her to the next Ah Mei's concert if there is one in Malaysia. Anyway, we didn't aspect that to be happen that fast and I am happy that I will be able to keep my promise this time). :") I believe we will have a great time there and I am ready to shout my heart out! :D

Alright, I guess that's all for tonight (I apologize that I have not been blogging for almost 1 week). But anyway, I am back again and hopefully I will have more photos to share with you guys next week. ;) (Don't think I will take any photos during the concert. :"P I just wanna enjoy it this round! x"D) CHEERS!!

* Seriously, sometimes I think beer do really cool down your body. ;)


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