The I-Fanaticism

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Fanatic)
Oh Yeah I am totally an IPhone fan now. :"P - in Large

Another busy day, pretty much I only done partially of the required target that I set for today due to other tasks on hand (to digest the project requirements so that I could pass it down properly to the development team tomorrow). Pretty much it takes a while for me to digest the information in the requirements. Just wanna ensure that I understood correctly before I have the meeting tomorrow. ;")

So... for the photo of the day, is a dedication to all the IPhone fans out there. (Yo Yo Yo~!) :) I know, I know... I look a bit (I mean VERY...) silly, obsess or may be crazy in this photo but anyway, that's all fanatic about. (When you are totally obsess to something). But seriously this small device has change my world now. (Improve my mobility and how I access to all my email, social network and data). Other than that, I kinda happy with the added human factors features that apple has implemented into this device. (I guess I has slowly to feel interested with all the Apple products and wonder how long I could hold myself on getting an IMac) :"P And not to mentioned that, Kancil has signed up the package with us on the same day. I believe he loves the device so far :"D So 小慧 when are you going to join the group ya... :"P (We're still waiting for you ya... :"D - Darn, I am feeling bad again now... hehe. :"P). For the setup, is a 2 lights setup, one in a soft-box on the left and another girded flash on the right. ;)

Alright, I am going to call it a day today. Tomorrow will be another extremely busy day. (With early meeting (again...) and follow with some more meetings and codings.s.s...) Night people. I hope you all will have a great day tomorrow. CHEERS. ;)

* So, Joel, as promised I have strobe my IPhone. :"P (Just in a totally different way to represent the feeling that I am having after I owned it). ;)


  1. good shot~!!! totally looks very extremely sexcited, i mean excited on the phone~! great invention indeed...

  2. Haha... Thanks Beh for the kind comments... :"P (Yeah I guess you will say the sexcited...I mean excited) x"D Anyway is alright. Yeah I love the IPhone as well. It is a great device in deedddd.... ;D

  3. ya, you look so gay with the iphone.. (I mean gay in term of happy.) haha

  4. Hahhaha... good good. :"P Yeah very happy it should looks that way. :"P

  5. Haha, this is the one I like the most so far for your self portrait. It saves me too for yesterday incident:)

  6. woo hoo
    nice! love the expression man!
    wacky but awesome!

  7. Lilian: Hehe... may be is due to the silly face that I do kut... :"P Anyway don't mentioned about yesterday thingy is just a small help. ;)

    Joel: Thanks... >: D Iphone is now S.T.R.O.B.E :"P

  8. FY time to get one for yourself too? (Welcome to the dark side... >:"D)

  9. looking forward to your next post Mac book.

  10. Haha... even if really buy a Mac, it will be a IMac not a mac book... :"P (Will see if that happen) but seriously share is doing very well yesterday. :"D





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