The Isolation

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Isolation)
Yeah been left alone at the ladder, Isolated. :"P - in Large

Everything has been progressing pretty well today. That's what I could sum up for today. But something that excite everybody is that the company share has been going up a lot... yes at least until now, it has go over the border of the highest price that we seen in the last few years!! :"D (So hopefully the 25 target is not a dream for us). GO GO GO~! : D I sound kinda crazy now... muahaha...x"D

Anyway back to our photo of the day. I used my house staircase as the location again. q:"P 2 lights setup. one light on the right in soft-box and another bare flash at the back covered with a black paper as a mini barn door to prevent light from spilling to the left wall. and here we go, our photo of the day, "Isolation". ;)

Alright that's all for tonight. :) I hope that everybody will have a great Friday tomorrow. :) I will get myself some decent rest and we will need to go back to AS again this week. ;) So, I guss I will see you all again next week. CHEERS!!!

* I am still hoping that the share price will keep going up though... x"D (Gosh, what happen to me... :"P)


  1. lets hope for the best of it...:)

  2. Yeah let's hope for the best!! :-D

  3. 最近好像很自戀喔~~ 都是自己的portrait.哈哈

  4. 哈哈,就知道一定有人那么说。:“) (不好意思啦...真的不是自恋)因为,往往放工回家,很想照相+试一试灯光效果。而且,我太太也蛮忙的。(所以就不打扰她了)。最容易而且不用求人的就是拿自己当model了。方便又容易。;”D


  5. I think if the background is darker will be better.. :)
    hahahaha,.. 自恋.. :p still acceptable. just that... look again.. the placement of fingers abit weird... 抽烟吗? hahaha. anyway, good weekend!

  6. B&C, thanks for the inputs. Yeah, the finger placement is kind weird. I guess with an additional of rokok there it will b totally alright. (a lot of other folks input like Tat as well) ~;-) anyway happy weekend to u as well. :-)

  7. 同意 agnes 说的……我也以为最近你有点自恋 :P
    有时间,我也要看看我的傻瓜相机能不能做到灯光效果 :P

  8. 天啊。。。您也那么說。:“P(沒關系啦。。。有練習才有進步。)傻瓜相机,應該也能,就試一試連續光源。。。(比如桌燈之類的。。。應該沒問題)。;)加油!!

  9. 那我也不是也要来试试??hahaaaaaa

  10. 嘻嘻。。。别那么说。:)有时候,就是自己下了场,才知道如何和您的Subject沟通嘛。您的照也拍的很好;)(不过,如果我们真的拿了自恋狂部落客得主,也挺不错的。。:“P)嘻嘻





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