It is the PRIME Night

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (ROTF Optimus Prime)

It has been another busy day, working endlessly to get the things done. (I am happy that I've completed a few tasks today and still a lot more to go). Anyway, I am glad that the end of the week is coming soon. HAPPY THURSDAY people. ;"D

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (ROTF Optimus Prime)

Anyway, I plan to do some portrait shoot today but in the end, I didn't do so, kinda tired to go out setup the light and get a proper shoot somehow, so in the end, I grab the ROTF Optimus Prime that is keep beside the ROTF JetFire in the wardrobe and setup for a quick shoot. And today, as usual using some low key setup trying to create some cinematic feel to the Prime. It is a two lights setup again. A gridded speed light on the right and another one in a soft-box with the power dialed down as the fill light for the shadow).

So which one you all prefer? :")

Anyway, I guess that's all for tonight and this will be the last post for this week. I will be back to my home town for "cheng beng" (Yes for my late dad) with my brother and sister and I will see you all again next week. Have a great Friday and weekend ahead folks. ;) Signing off... :)


  1. Do hv a safe journey back to hometown...

  2. Thanks Lilian. ;) I will. You have a nice weekend ahead and see you next week.





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