Man At Work

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Man at Work)
Yes, FINALLY it is now ;)

I have not doing any blog post lately due to some minor changes to the blog. As those who are following my blog (as well as my facebook). They might know what happen. Yes, I have finally get a formal domain name for my blog. First of all I officially welcome you all to :"D Has been trying to figure out all the functions and features provided by the service provider (Oh yeah, I get my domain from Exabytes, do check them out since I have a lot of rev by most of his users) and also met with some minor road block during the transition where most of my comment has gone missing. After google on the web, I found that we will need to wait at least 48, 72 hours for the comments to recover back properly. And today, finally everything has been back to normal. I am really glad about this. ;") So for whose who have blog roll with me, I will really appreciate if you all could update the link that you all have with me. Thanks a bunch on that. :")

As for today, we have a small family dinner at Azuma, Queensbay. Yes mom treat us today due to some special reason and I am happy to attend it where I could meet with all the little fellows again. (Yeah, is bro's and sis's kid). Anyway it has been a great night. I enjoy the moments I spent with them where the whole family gathered on the same table, having dinner and in the same time chit chat and having fun with the kids. :) (Yeah, I guess all of us have been so busy with our daily life and work, so I really cherish the time that we could spend together) :).

As for photo of the day, It is inspired by the recent blog update activities. So I decided to come out with a "Man at Work" photo. 2 lights setup again today. One bare flash gel-ed with CTO and placed on the sofa at the left as the fill light for the missing ambient on the left wall. While another speed light on the right in the soft-box to light up the subject. (Oh yeah that's me...:"P). And the rest of the colors is from the ambient light. :) And here we are... Man at Work in Large.

I guess that's all for tonight. It is going to be a long weekend this week. Yes, I hope I will have some good rest and spend some good time with LB. (We will be watching Iron Man 2 and Ip Man 2 - I bet both movies are going to be great). And for those who are traveling soon, Safe journey and do enjoy the trip. ;) Alright, I hope you all with a great Friday tomorrow. Night people. :)


  1. 应该是 Man at blog 吧……你都不是在工作…… :P

  2. 您好快!才刚发布您就留言了。。。谢谢。。。


    所以就用了"Man at Work"了。:)

  3. 我还想说,是不是又来试灯光什么的。haha..因为又是你的照片。:p 晚安啦!我这个星期也很忙。星期天会和家人一起到云顶去。;-) Family trip

  4. 哈哈,今天可是有灵感了,就拍了。。。今天也因为Family Dinner。回到了家,时间也不早了。所以就赶快setup好一切就拍了几张就收挡了。;)

    是吗,应该很开心吧。:)好好享受您的云顶的家庭之旅。Happy Holiday。;D

  5. Wah, your own domain. Easy for me to remember, not need to add fav-liau... BTW, is it FOC?

  6. Thanks Lilian. I have wanted to do this for quite sometimes. Finally I went and do it. :"P (I should do it earlier, there is still some other thingy that will need to be regain from times to times...)

    Eee... Nope I didn't get it for FREE. You will need to purchase it. I could let you know more about the details later if you are interested. :)

  7. woohoo...congrats =D
    woohoo Iron Man 2 & Ip Man 2...going for Iron Man tonite midnite show earlier shows all full =S hopefully i wont pengsan cos Sat early morning nid to take bus down to KL kok...
    Njoy ur long weekend hehe

  8. TQ TQ FY. :)

    Yeah I am watching both this weekend as well. I bet it will be great show. and for you have a safe trip to KL. Hope that you will enjoy your long weekend too. :)





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