Mellow Motif at G Hotel - Teaser

Event Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Mellow Motif G Hotel)
Yeah, is Mellow Motif and I think they are awesome. ;)

I have not been updating blog lately for a few reasons. Yes it has been almost a week that I didn't do so. First, (I think this is a major one). I just got myself an IPhone. (Finally, this is due to the launching of the new Digi data plan which is much more "reasonable" compare to the Maxis plan). It takes a while to migrate all the required data from my old phone + exploring the features and functionality of the IPhone. (So in the end, I have stuck for a few days there) :"P But seriously IPhone is a very cool phone. I will say that I am pretty much mobilize now due to it. :)

Anyway, secondly, this weekend has been a busy weekend. Saturday morning to a photography seminar and then in the evening, I have went to the G Hotel G Spot for an event shoot. (Thanks to Beh for the pass) :"). There was a jazz performance on that night by Mellow Motif. I will say that it is a great group. (I will tell you all more about my experience when I do a formal post on this) ;") For those who are anxious, you all could visit Beh's blog where he has posted a lot of great shots there. ;)

And on Sunday, I decided to spend the day with LB since I have pretty much "abandon" her for the whole day on Saturday. (Poor LB). Spending pretty much the whole day with her and then started to do some minor processing when we got home at Sunday night.

Anyway, I hope that I will be able to complete the processing within this few days so that I could share the series with all of you. Alright, just some minor update to let you all know that I am still alright here not abandoning my bloggie. :"D Let me continue with my work and good night people. :)


  1. Hmmm, 1st time I encountered the shoot emphasize on the equipment:) Not bad...

  2. Thanks Lilian. As long as you feel that it is alright then... it should be alright. :")

  3. I am still struggling... the new phone. :)





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