The DIY Speedlight Grid

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (DIY Speedlight Grid)
Finally the V2 grid is completed. ;"D

It has been a while that I wanna complete this DIY project. Pretty much it took months for me to prepare to the materials (Yeah, it is not very easy to find those materials) so that I could get the most possible accurate result base on the the tutorial page created by the concert photographer Todd Owyoung. (Do check out Todd's live concert photos as well. It is awesome! ;))

Anyway I won't go through the steps on creating this since the tutorial page has provided a very details video on how this is done. ;) (Yeah is a superb steps by steps video, so it is pretty much easy to follow). :) Actually I do have one of this (I called it the version 1.0) created using the cupboard and some pink + white straw that you could usually see in the market. It is not bad though, but too bad, the light did carried some red color cast from the straw itself. (Which is something that is not desirable when you don't want the color cast in your photo)

I fall in love with this details and more neater looks of this version. So I decided to kick start this DIY project. (I called it a V2) Collecting black straw this round (after the previous lesson to ensure that there is no more unwanted color cast in the light) and mounting board as well as beer koozie. (Thanks to CK and Summer for helping me to buy the koozie when they are in the states). :") I think the most toughest part is to cut the straw so that each piece is around 2cm in length. I admit that I got a hugh finger and hand so in the end, with the help from LB, I manage to get the amounts I needed for this project. :"D (Thanks LB~! You are always there for me) ;"D. Secondly, you will need to glue up the straws nicely so that all of them are aligned properly. And always remember not to lift it up before the glue is dried. ;"P (Yeah, I bet you know why I said so)

Pretty much this project will need a bit of time and patient but trust me the outcome will blow you away. (It really looks like a grid that is sell on the shelf. ;) Anyway, here it goes, a speedlight grid attached to a Canon 580EXII. (It attached well on Nikon SB-800 so I believe it is compatible with a Nikon SB-900 as well if I get one in the future.). :")

Alright, that's all for tonight. Just a brief info on some of the DIY project that I am working on. ;") I think I will need to source for the next DIY project. I bet it is going to be a tougher one next round. Anyway, I hope that you all will enjoy your weekend. Do have a great evening. ;) Cheers~~!


  1. Hehe it is one of the light modifier. Anyway thanks Lilian. :-)

  2. wow you turned it into a terminator! share some pics later ya :)

  3. Sure sure when I used it in some of the photo I will specified it out. :-)

  4. Looks like the grid came out great – and very "beauty shot" of the mounted finished design, too.

    Glad to hear you like the tutorial.

  5. Hey Todd,

    Thanks for dropping by. :") Yes the tutorial was great. Actually I am sourcing for the materials for the 2nd DIY project this round. The mark II beauty dish that you posted. (And again, it is not as easy to collect all the materials that you stated in the page here. So I guess I will need to take sometimes to go and source for it again.

    But no matter what, your tutorial page has helped a lot! ;) I love it and do keep it coming... ;)

    Finally, your concert photos are ROCKZ!! ;"D





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