In the Middle of No Where

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Shrek Donkey)
Yeah, Donkey from Shrek is hanging around on the wall.

I guess I have been rested for quite long. (During the last long holiday that we have here). Taken the oppurtunity to complete some of the tasks that I usually can't complete during the working day. Yes, finally I get back the video card from the computer shop and I am glad that my old video card is back. >: ) On top of the, bripex is in Penang. Previously I didn't plan to go there until LB decided to grab a compact camera for herself. (She has been planning to get one until recently, she finally decided to grab one). She bought a Lumix LX3. Personally I think it is a superb compact for her. And at least for now, She will be able to snap some photos while I am doing the same thing as well. :"D

And for me, (Emm... Emm...) I decided to go to the Elite Professional opposite Mydin to test out some of the 50mm that is available.I am glad that there is not a lot of customers in the shop and Jackson is able to do the testing and perform the comparison together with me. :) Anyway, I guess the I just can't resist the temptation and finally I got a Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM lens for myself. qx"P (Oppss...~ This should not be happening, but somehow it did...). Anyway, I have been longing for a standard lens on my FX for quite sometimes after I sold my 35mm. And finally I am back to the PRIME time again. Guess I am going to love this lens a lot. :)

Anyway, I have completed the focusing fine tuning with the body. and here is our photo of the day. A one light setup where the flash light with CTO is on the reflective umbrella. I used the fun fair light as a bokeh backdrop. (Yeah, we have a super mini fun fair here) and used the shallowest DOF for this lens and here we go, "In the middle of no where" - in large.

Alright, that's all for tonight. I will continue with some trip planning with LB again. I hope you all have a great night. Cheers. ;)


  1. Wish to get 1 compact camera too..but no budget. :S

  2. I thought you have one? Your profile shoot is taken by boy boy is it? :")

  3. 哇~~我想买一台 Canon G11,可是也是因为没有钱所以暂时打消了念头……

  4. 沒關系,慢慢的儲蓄。就會有一部了。(至少,我的鏡頭也是這樣得來的。。。;“))。。。加油!

  5. Hey, I stumbled on your blog in a search for photos on Putrajaya. I've linked them to a post. I hope it's ok. Great photos and website! Will def be back! ^_^

  6. Hi Jed,

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope that you have enjoy the site and photos so far. Do drop back more often since I will update my blog consistently. (Unless I have been out for some reasons).

    Anyway, Thanks for your compliments and supports. ;)

  7. Hey, sure. It's always nice to meet other photographers. Keep up the good work. ^_^ Kind regards, JY

  8. Thanks a lot Jed. :") (Same here, is a pleasure to meet another photographer in the cyber world) ;)





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