A Smoky Evening

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (A Smoky evening)
Yes, I could smell it (even) from here. :( - in Large

It has been a lot of news lately from Bangkok. People has been protest, riots and causing a lot of of uneasiness to the city. (There is a 830pm curfew starting yesterday ) and I got to know from the Facebook news feed that their electricity is down and it become worse when I heard that Central World is being attacked as well. At that moment, I am not sure how serious the situation is, until I saw an album where fires has been surrounding the Central world. And I recalled that, I was there last year with LB shopping in the mall as well as having a rest outside. The view there is just nice, people walking around, tourist and their children are playing at the fountain right in front of the mall.

Anyway, it is a very tragic view to see such a magnificent building (A building that is way much bigger than our QB Mall here in PG. :( ) was destroy by their own residents. :( It makes me feel that it is like a war and the whole building has been bombed and caught fire. Anyway, I got to know that part of the building has been collapse today. (Sigh...)

For more photos about the news in Thailand, you all could view it from this link. I think there are a lot of superb photos here. My salutes to all the photographers who have risking their life taking photos and letting the world know what is going in there. (I know that some has even KIA because of that). :(

Anyway, let's get together pray and hope for the best, for the condition, people and our friends who are in Thailand now. Hopefully everything will be back to normal real soon. (A peaceful and cheerful Thailand that we used to see). Signing off...

* Setup for today:
- 580EXII in grid at the back about 4 feets from subject
- SB800 in grid at around 30degree on the left of the subject
- And yes the smoke are real... ~:"P


  1. so sad to see those photos. Hate to see war is about to happen or so to say already happened.
    Like what you said, let's pray for everything to be back to normal.

  2. Last night, watched TV in real for Bangkok updates, really sad to see the detroy of the buildings...sigh!!!

    BTW, the photo look like you're smoking in the toilet:p

    The smokey one is captured nice in the dark...so mystery feeling...like hero coming from the dark...

    When you're free, can play play the new Panasonic one, I want to see the output...

  3. B&G: Yeah... I really need to salute and give credits to all those photographers who have taken all those photos. It is so real (and yet so tragic) :( Yeah lets pray and hope for the best, hope things will get normal soon.

    Lilian: Yeah... some a hugh building and somehow it got burned down. Neh, I am not smoking in the toilet. :"P hehe... Sure, I will see if I got time to do some review on the LX3 and thanks for dropping by Lilian. ;)

  4. I just can't accept it. Recall when we were there. 1st time, we sit there for a while for resting. See the small kid and his father played with the water. Then met Hollie and the Malaysia Idol. :p

    2nd time, go inside for shopping - Levis and Naraya. Met their Thai pop singer. There was a festival out there also.

    3rd time, walked by and prayed the Buddha in front of the Central World. Then met interesting people and interesting things that we never forget in life.

    And now....it is gone. If they manage to rebuild it, it will be different stuff and feeling already.

  5. yoyo...u really free le...hehe :p

  6. LB: Yeah, I guess so... things will be different if it is rebuild. As usual there will be an affection, or emotion attached to the place where we visited before. Anyway it is going to be an old time story now. :(

    Agnes: Free in terms of?

  7. 你抽烟啊……? :O 抽烟对身体不好的,会导致鼻癌、肺癌、心脏病……(自顾自地开始说教了 XD )

    恩,是呀……时过境迁,世界上没有任何东西是永恒的。建筑物不会是永远存在的,这场示威也不会是永远不停止的……期待这个地方在示威之后,有更美好的未来 :)

  8. 没有啊。。。那个烟可是效果。而且也不是从香烟里来的。别担心可不会抽烟啊。;)


  9. Angry feeling more then smoky

  10. Haha... yeah probably... later it explode! Kaboom...:"P





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