You will be Missed

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (A Tribute to Grandma)
You will be missed, grandma

From I remember, grandma has been a kind and strict person. She lives near by our house and has been taking care of us since we are small. She ran a small grocery shop business at her home too. I still remember how I got chase by the dalmatian every time I went to her home. (Darn the dalmatian - The poor dog get poisoned and death somehow after a few years later... ~:|)

I know I has been a very naughty kids when I am young, getting grandma junk foods to eat. Mom has been scolding us for "stealing" the junk food to eat but grandma said is alright, just let them have it. (And of course, we continue to munch the delicious mamee/mimi which are "sponsored" by grandma). :"P Brother reminds me that, there is one time where we have took out all the cigarettes from the box to play and yet grandma still forgive us on that. Grandma has came over and stay with us after granddad passed away. I still remember that I was like standard 3 at that time. Since then on, grandma has been running business from our home behind the extended area.

But of course, I got scold by grandma as well during my secondary school days when there is only mom, me and grandma at home for not doing things properly. I believe she is scolding for my good sack. (Although I know that I am not be able to absorb all her mentoring properly during my rebellious period). Anyway, time flies and grandma get older, weaker and started to fall sick. I guess everything started to fall apart after she fell down while she is watering the plant outside the house. After that on wards, grandma's health has been deteriorated. I still remember there is one time that she has been hospitalized. LB and I have visited her in the hospital and found that she don't want to take the food feed by the maid. So in the end, I took over, persuade and feed her slowly. I am glad that she finished all the foods during that time. holding her hands and realize that she has been getting older and older each day. :'(

Anyway, recieved a call last Friday around 530am from brother and has been informed that grandma has passed away in her sleep. I know that this is like a cycle of life that everyone will need to go through. Staying tough, I've informed my project teams and went back to my hometown to settle everything with brother. I thought that I will be strong enough to go over with everything, until I realize that I am not when grandma was pushed into the crematorium. Suddenly, there is a feeling started to flow out from my body and realized that I am going to miss grandma forever. Controlling the urge of crying and preventing the tears from falling down, (I bet grandma won't go in peace if she see us that way). until the door was closed, I quickly go and washed my face to readjust back the feeling. After that, I realized that I am not the only one who have the same feeling as well. (I bet everyone who is there feel the same way as I did).

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (A Tribute to Grandma)
Rest well grandma.

Anyway, I am back to PG, recalling the bits and bits of the memories that I have. Readjusting the feeling and get myself back align again. The photo posted is one of last series that I shoot while I am back in Alor Setar. Bet it will be a good remembrance for all of us. :') I know grandma has left us to a holy land. but her memories, teaching and mentoring will always be with us. You will be missed grandma. This is a tribute post for you. I hope you will be well there.

And to the readers, I hope that you all will cherish your loved one. life is short and time is short. Do let them know how much you care for them. :') Cheers.


  1. 能够在睡眠中离开人间,应该是很安详了,毕竟那是需要多少福气才能有的一个句点。

  2. It's so touched. Yr grandma will always in yr heart. take good care of yourself as well as the family.

  3. is short!
    Agreed with jaleen,在睡眠中离开人间。我婆婆在去年的农历新年逝世..我们当场看着她痛苦的咽下最后一口气...每每想起,会有种心酸的滋味。

  4. 家梅/Agnes: 是吧。。。,我听说,能在睡眠中安详的去世是很好的事情。我相信她一定会好好的。

    Dr Goh: Thanks, I will...

  5. nicely done! a fitting tribute to your grandma :)

  6. I miss my grandparents so much when reading your post. Most of them left during my young age.

    and true, the hardest moment was when they were pushed into the crematorium. Anyway my condolences to u and ur family...GAMBATE!!

  7. My condolence to your family. Take care ya...

  8. I am sorry to hear that. May her rest in peace. Like what others said, I guess she has gone to a better place.
    You take care!

  9. Joel, Lean and Lilian: Thanks for everything

    FY: Yeah. Guess we will miss them, although sometimes some of the memories is not that cleared to us (since we are still young) but we could always felt their warmth that they have give to us somehow. and yes Gambateh! ;)

    B&G: Eemm... I bet she will. :") Thanks.

  10. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
    Our deepest condolences. Stay strong.

    Daniel & Shane

  11. Sorry for the bad news. Take care bro.

  12. Hi Chuan, Thanks. Everything will be alright.

  13. CH - I am sorry to hear this. Send my condolence to your family. May her rest in peace.

    P/S: while reading this, you've reminded me about my grandparent.

  14. 每次听起你述说。。。都会让我想起江蕙的家后。节哀。





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