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yes, let's go back to just 1 light today. - In Large

I have completed most of my event and travel photos processing. (Phew, I am quite happy about that actually). At least I have completed all the "required" to complete task list in hand before I travel again. (Oh Yeah~!). Hopefully I could bring my laptop along and process some photos a long the way and share with you all the my journey. (We will see how it goes) :"D

More photo after the jump...

Welcome to the Monkey Island - In Large

And for today photos. I initially planned to go with a 2 lights setup. But too bad, the batteries on the Canon 580EXII are flatted. No choice, I need to get it charge (and looks like there is not much time for me to wait for the battery to recharge to get a proper shoot). So pretty much, back to basic again... shoot everything with just one light. Anyway sometimes one light does make wonders as well. :)

I wonder what I hesitate about. :"P - In Large

Setup for today:
1 * SB800 in a double diffused soft-box on the 45 degree front right (~2 feet) from the subject.

Anyway, that's all I got tonight. I will do one final post before I depart by end of the week. Have a great evening people. Cheers. :)


  1. haha..y always syok sendiri? shuold ask ur wife join u ma...kekekeeeeeee

  2. Hehe... as usual she is busy with her works... :") So I didn't kacau her on this. (I continue SS-ing myself) :"D

  3. hahaha, the monkey one is funny.

  4. Hehe... yeah I guess so when I do that stupid pose... :"P

  5. Haha, 1st one too cool...luckily has the 2nd Monkey one, funny & last one seemed like asking us "what do you want?" Haha...

  6. Haha... to sum up either it is too cool, too funny and also too 欠打。:“P Hehe... Anyway, thanks for dropping by Lilian. :)

  7. 哈哈,我也是比较喜欢猴子的那张 :P

  8. 哈哈,没关系有喜欢的就好。:)





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