The Droplets

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Cameron Highland  - Droplets Bokeh)
Welcome to the bokeh world again. :")

I have been not doing any blog posting for a few days last week. Yes was out for some small trips to the Cameron Highland and take some times off the hectic schedule that I have lately. I guess this trip was pretty nice (except the jam that we encounter on some of the area in Cameron Highland). Anyway I will share of the photos I took there real soon. ;")

Anyway a short post today. Just to get myself back in the rhythm of blogging again. Here we go the photo of the day. Just a Bokeh droplets photos that I took in the rainy day at Cameron Highland. :"P (Nothing really special actually..., but as usual a blog post is always nice with a photo with it)

I guess that's all for tonight. I should get myself ready for the photo shoot tomorrow. (As well as some photo processing tonight) Have a great night folks. ;) Night...


  1. wah...為什麼你的雨珠可以拍得那麼美?我也有幾張,可是看了你的之後,才驚覺自己的是那麼的渺小!hehe

  2. 别那么说。应该是镜头的关系吧。我把光圈开到最大了。。。再加上适当的距离,就可以制造出(旋转式的)散景。 :”) 您也加油!

  3. 哇……我的相机绝对拍不出这样的照片 XD 等我有钱先,有钱先…… :P

  4. 嘻嘻没关系。每一步相机都一定有它的作为。有目标就会加油。希望有一天您也能拥有一台SLR.;)

  5. Lovely!! As usual, I always like this kinda shot. thanks for sharing!





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