A Long Transit in Bangkok

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transit in Bangkok)
Welcome to the Bangkok International Airport. :)

Oh Well, Guess I have been stop posting for a while. (For those who follow my blog and facebook, guess they know that I am on a road trip now) Anyway this is the first blog post since my road trip. It has been raining for the whole darn day today, (Although it has stopped for a while with with foggy feel out there) So I decided to stay in the room process some of the photos with my slowwww laptop. Darn, I really hope that I got a faster laptop to process all these. Started to miss my desktop somehow. Guess I will finish this blog post and see how things goes later. (Probably I will go out for a small walk later).

More photos after the jump...

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transit in Bangkok)
Exit this way dude...

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transit in Bangkok)
I love the architecture in the airport.

Anyway, here is some of the photos taken while I am waiting for my (super long) transit in Bangkok airport. It has been a very long day that day... 12 hours plus I guess. Killing most of my time walking around, taking photos and reading books. (Yes, at least complete 1/2 of the books and fall asleep in the middle of the way... :"P).

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transit in Bangkok)
Feel kinda tired and blurry here. :"P

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transit in Bangkok)
And there is shuttle that send passenger from the plane to the terminal

It is kinda bored when you found that the airport is only providing you free 15minutes of Wifi connection and then you will need to pay for it in order to get connected. (Some passengers who sat beside me while I am readying told me the Wifi is not working at all, even though they are just started to connect to it. After enquiry, they found that the airport infrastructure is down) Anyway, I think I am kinda lucky to find a small restaurant who have their own Wifi that is separated from the airport Wifi. (So in the end, I have my lunch and dinner there just for the sack of the connection) :"P

This is where I read my books (and fall asleep as well) x")

Anyway, it has been been  a (first) long transit that I have in my travel history. Another way round, It is kinda a good experience somehow. At least I got to know how does it feel like for a long transit :"P. (Haha...)

Travel Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Transit in Bangkok)
Alright I am leaving. x"D (Finally...)

Anyway, that's all I have today. Hope you all enjoy the photos so far. I will see if it is safe to go out now. And it I could process more photos to share with you all again... (Hopefully soon). Catch up with you all later. Cheers. ;)

* Thanks to Natasha for offering a ride out while I am in the airport despite her busy schedule. (Although I did not make it :")) Anyway, I promise that I will inform you earlier next time if I will be landed in Bangkok again. ;")


  1. Why didn't go out to take the photo of Central World?

  2. You should go out from the airport, 12 hrs... BTW, you should able to see the one very nice big statue in BKK airport-leh, will show you when you back to PG. I love the 3rd pic, look like Eiffel Tower.

  3. Kancil: Hehe... nope I didn't. I think things are better now. May be they have clean up the Central World.

    Lilian: Yes a friend in BKK is offering me to get me out of the airport and will drop me somewhere so that I could online and do my stuff. But I am not sure if getting back to the airport will be something easy or hard. (Since this is my first time in BKK airport) So in the end, I will stay with the safer options and stuck in the airport in stead :"P Thanks, Didn't realize it looks like Eiffel tower until you told me :"P I just know that I love it and I shoot it. :"P hehe... funny me.

  4. I like pic 4, did you add the gradiant? Or is the window like that?

  5. Ahh... actually the gradient is already there... You could see the dotted gradient on the window on the last photo as well. But to make that shoot. I purposely use the manual focus to get it some sort like the mosaic feel that I wanted. :")

  6. Hey, i love the mini "Eiffel towel" of Bangkok too! :)OMG~ 12hrs stuck in airport, i guess you've already explored in n out of the airport.. Anyway, safe trip to wherever you are! Enjoy!

  7. Thanks B&C. :) Yeah pretty much explore each and every corner of the airport. :") Thanks for dropping by.





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