The Smile

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Penang 2010 Wesak Procession)
Yeah a Great Smile from This Uncle

It is going to be a short post today. Just wanna get some early rest after a long and tired day. I have stop processing photos  for now (Yeah, after completed a certain amount of photos) and watching some Hong Kong series with LB now. ;) (And of course writing this blog post in the same time, darn me...). :"P

Anyway photo of the day are one of the photo that I shoot during the Penang Wesak Procession with the Hokkezan Ichinenji. I still remember that I saw this uncle sitting in front of his house watching the procession with his neighbours. I love the feel that he give (with the lighting) at that moment. So I just approch him and asked for his permission to get a quick shoot. He accepted it with a smile. :"D (And the neighbors teased him that his photo is going to be published in some newspaper real soon... :"P) Haha... No uncle, your photo are not on the newspaper but on my blog now. ;-)

Anyway, that's all I have for tonight. I shall join LB on the Hong Kong series again. I hope that all of you will have a great evening. ;) Cheers.


  1. 哈哈,这位伯伯笑得好灿烂哦! ^^

  2. 嘻嘻,这位伯伯不是那间庙的庙友。他可是我在路边见到的伯伯。;“) 他当时可是在观看游行的。;)是啊,我也觉得他的笑容很灿烂。;”)

  3. haha...jaleen, 叫他摆不同的pose给你拍。

  4. 我的笑容也很灿烂,什么时候来拍我?hahaaaaa

  5. Agnes, 您给了Jaleen很好的Idea啊。。。:D

    是啊,要不要请我当您婚礼的摄影师?:“D那不止您,连您老公的灿烂笑容都一拼拍下。;”D hehe... ;)

  6. 哇~~ CH 开始推销自己了……哈哈
    agnes,你还真的可以叫 CH 帮你拍,然后叫他算你便宜一点 XD
    下一次如果我去 kl,我就找你拍照!哈哈~

  7. 追加一句…… agnes,如果你叫 CH 帮你拍,我就有眼福,可以看到他把你拍得美美的照片了 :P (没办法,我太喜欢看 CH 拍的照片了~)

  8. 哈哈,没有啦。。。只是顺便问一问看看Agnes可有意思嘛。。。。;“)






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