Tribute to the World Cup 2010. Ole!!

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (World Cup 2010 Tribute)
Oh yeah! is football season again! ;) - in Large

Looks like it is going to be a busy night for me. Getting myself ready for the packing and cross check everything to ensure that everything is alright. (In the same time, getting some required software to be installed on the laptop so that I could bring it on the road). But darn, I just don't like the weight of my laptop. But too bad, that's the one and only one I have so far. ~:)

I will do a quick post tonight. (Using a photos that I took yesterday with some slightly updated setup). Manage to get a few shoots of this after getting the battery quarterly charge. :"P (You could see how eager I am on getting a shoot. Darn me). So this is a tribute to the 2010 World Cup. :) (I plan to wear a football jersey to snap this, but too bad, I don't have any football jersey at all...:"| (But I have a few NBA jersey though). :"). Anyway, here we go. GOAL!!! - in Large for all the football fans out there. Hope that you all enjoy the World Cup 2010!!! Ole Ole Ole!! :")

Alright back to work. Have a great night people. :) CHEERS.

Setup for the day:
1 * SB800 in softbox at the front right of the subject.
1 * 580EXII with 1/4 CTO in grid pointing to the wall behind the subject.


  1. The post like The Hulk... Hehe, you know pretty much posing style ya:p

  2. Hehe... didn't realize that. This is more like a ROAR after a goal... :"P Anyway need to learn how to pose. :"P (practice our self) so that could guide your subject for posing when doing photo shoot. (Sound a bit gay, but it will come in really handy during the photo shoot) :")

  3. You're absolutely right... The successful photographer must also know how to ask his/her model to pose for best:)

  4. Yeah I think so... :") Thanks Lilian.

  5. 我的学生,竟然在上课也讨论足球,功课都不做!结果今天给他们考试,几乎每一个都不会做…… =.="

  6. 哈哈,小孩子嘛。。。一定会那样了。想当年您这个年纪的同学,也会跟着世界足球风(狂追一番)。世界杯完了后,就会乖乖上课了。;)

  7. 哈哈哈~~我从来都不跟世界足球风的 XD
    等到世界杯完毕啊,已经到 final exam 咯!那时候已经来不及了~~~

  8. 哈哈,我也是不看足球的。:“P是看NBA的。明天就是NBA最后一场比赛了,一定很刺激!;D

  9. aiyo...So crazy with football ar?? I langsung tak suka. heheeeeeee I like basketball...:p

  10. Hehe not really I prefered NBA actually. But since it is WC. So just making a tribute shoot for the once in a 4 years event. ;)





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