Shadow Man

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Shadow Man)
Not really that Shadow at all - In Large

I am not sure if I should be happy or I should not be. I bet everything has been going pretty well and I have started to adjusted my feelings for my trip tomorrow. (I have been feeling pretty relief this evening, cleaning up my laptop's desktop and getting my pace slower and slower just to cool myself down after the last few hectic days). Anyway, the inner feeling started to get rumble up after LB told me some news that pretty ruined her trip feeling (as well as mine) along the way we got home. Anyway, I bet shitty news come along before you are going for something good. No choice, she received it and I bet she has taking a hugh steps to readjust her good feelings again right now. (I just hope that she is alright no matter what). Anyway, no matter what happen, I will always support you LB! Cheer up. ~<: )

Anyway, the photo for today is been triggered by what happen today. Just wanna bring out something a bit bad ass today (a bit gangster feel here and there). Back to our setup, one light with CTO in beauty dish on the upper left of the subject and a bare flash on the far back right to give some additional light to the whole scenery.

I guess that's all for tonight. One last post before I am leaving on a jet plane. I bet everything will be all right tomorrow. :) And we are all up and ready, pack up for our trip. Bet it will just be another great trip. >;"D See you all again when I got back. Hopefully I have more good travel photos to share with all of you.

Have a great night people. Cheers. :")


  1. I think it's become a norm that shitty things always popping out when we're abt to vacation. Just forget abt the whole thing, important enjoy your vacation 1st:)

  2. Yeah I think so too Lilian. I think I am alright just that I am worry about Jess... that's all. Will try to get her to leave all this behind and hopefully she will have a great trip. Thanks for stopping by Lilian.

  3. 保持正面思想:一切都会过去的!这世界上,没有事情是不会过去的 :)


  4. Yes, I think so. Nothing is constant in this world. So I guess we will really need to adapt to it in order to get ourself happy with our life.

    Neh, your wishes is not too late.

    *Japan computer is hard to type chinese so I reply in English. :`p





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