Beauty Dish Test Shot

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Beauty Dish Test Shots)
LB nicely dressed up. :")
Another weekend passed by. This has been more like a family weekend for me I believe. Since LB is return from her road trip so I decided to get some small personal time with her while she is still around right now. (Don't mentioned, she is going off again real soon, Gis...) So we went for a hair cut (Yes I needed one, feel like there are bushes and mushrooms growing on my head!) and a movie session. We watch Skyline (It is rare that LB wanted to watch some Alien's movie, usually she will go for a more sentimental one.) Anyway, personally I don't think it is a nice movie to go for. The effects have been very nice, but the storyline (specially the ending is kinda sucks). And I think you will need to watch the thriller to know what the story is all about before you go for the movie. The movie pretty much jump straight into where the aliens have arrived. (Probably I should be going for RED (like Bob suggested) or Unstoppable (like Lilian suggested)). Anyway probably that's next round. Oh ya, Harry Porter movie start next week, so HP fans, do remember to get your tickets and watched it. ;)

More photos after the jump...

And also, this weekend has been a book reading weekend for me. (Guess we will need to take some time off to recharge ourself with books once a in while). I have been reading a book by Joe Mcnally, his latest book "Guide to Digital Photography". Personally, I think Joe's has been a great mentor, The way Joe shared the knowledge in this book will eventually benefits those who either just starting up or who would like to revise their photography knowledge. (And as usual, tones of great photos in there ;)) Do check this book for those who are interested, I think it will benefits you all in one way or another. ;) (At least it is for me.)

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Beauty Dish Test Shots)
My Fav shoot of that day. ;)
Anyway, bet the post won't be nice without any photo in it. So photo of the post will be the shoot that I have taken when LB is returned from her annual dinner last Friday. quick and simple one and trying some up close and tight shoot as well. Glad that LB has been willingly to be my model that day. :"D Thanks LB!! And on the light setup... it is a beauty dish on the right of the camera and a flash with grid on the back left of LB.

Anyway, That's all I have for tonight, A new week start tomorrow. I hope you all will have a great one. ;) Cheers people.


  1. long long time din visit ur blog already. 等一天,我再來慢慢地爬... :p

  2. Agnes, is alright. I know you are busy with a lot of things lately. (Just finish your wedding and then now the pipit market). 有空时就来坐一坐, 就好了。。。 :) (谢谢光临)

  3. 哈哈,我发觉,最近你的太太比较常让你拍了 :P
    我以为 skyline 是一部关于汽车的戏…… :S

  4. 嘻嘻,只要,我没有打扰到她做工,似乎她都是OK的。;)(当然,她还要稍微打扮一下,我想谁也希望照出来美美的吧)。 ;)

    skyline 是一部Alien电影。Effect还不错,不过结局就真的“麻麻得”。还是不看的好。(您一定是想到了GTR SKYLINE吧,哈哈,真有您的)

  5. 哈哈~~对对!我听朋友说 skyline 听了好几年,都是说车,我以为这部戏也是关于车的 =.="

  6. 哈哈,不是车,是外星人的。。。电影:”D





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