Which Side are You On

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (NBA 2011 Season)

Has been down sick due to food poisoning during the last few days. (And then recovering for the next few days). I have always thought that I will have a clean sheet on my tummy sickness for this year but looks like everything come undone when it is almost the end of the year. Yeah it is pretty bad but I am glad that everything has been much better now. (with some gassy stomach..., hopefully it will get fully recovered in the next few days).

Anyway, a new NBA session has started, and it will be another exciting season I bet. with the new Heat Big 3, Boston, Magic and Lakers teams still eye-ing to win a championship ring this year. and for me, since I have a fracture leg and can't play bball anymore, so I have been getting the new NBA2K11 to play on my PC. :"P It is way much difference with all the control and ball shooting compare to the previous NBA2K10. And not to mentioned that they have included all the Jordan challenges this round. (It will be fun).

Anyway, Photo of the day is related to NBA of course (With the NBA jersey there). Trying to get something slightly low light this round. with 2 lights setting on the same side. One beauty dish with grid on the right top and another light with grid on the right side just to give some highlight on the structure. So, whose side you are on this season? ;)

Alright, That's all I got for tonight. Plan to take my medicine and get some good rest. It is going to be a extremely busy Monday tomorrow. Have a great week ahead folks. ;) Night.


  1. 难怪看你好久都没有更新了呢……
    呵呵,好久没有看 NBA 了,自从那一次,半夜看着 NBA 时收到怪来电,就不敢再在半夜看 NBA 了……哈哈

  2. 是啊,才刚刚回复不久。。。:“)


  3. 不是咯……没有出声还好,对方是出了很恐怖的声音…… =.=" 害我马上关了电视机就跑上去睡觉了





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