Kok Aun + Shin Yee Wedding - Teaser

Wedding  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Kok Aun and Shin Yee Actual Day Wedding)

It has been a busy week completing some shoots, and getting some series up and ready. But too bad, the desktop has not been behaving very nicely and has thrown me a no POST issue for me to resolve. After getting some virtual help in facebook (Thanks to all who have provided help, really appreciated it), I gave up and bring it to the clinic on the next day for check up. the tech folks suspected it might caused by my new video card, so they have a 1:1 exchange for me. (Since I have just purchased from them not long ago). Things seems to be working really well until I got home and booted up the desktop for just 5 min and the same sh*t happened again. :( So I reset my BIOS and luckily it booted up and can be used for the whole day after that. So..., the same exercise (resetting BIOS) will need to be performed everytime I boot up my desktop. :"P (Sound like a pretty sucks exercise in deed, but at least it is usable for now). My plan is to complete some jobs on hand before I handed over to clinic for a real check out after that.

Anyway, Photo of the day is taken during Kok Aun and Shin Yee actual day weeding. And yes, has been working hard on this series of photos, despite on all the hiccups that I got from my desktop. (Although it is pretty unstable, but good thing is that it is still usable) Hopefully I could get this posted up real soon once it is up and ready for the release. ;") So Kok Aun and Shin Yee, just in case you two are reading this, I will drop either one of your email/text real soon for the review. :") (And thanks for your patient)

Ok, time for me to get back to work. I hope everyone will have a great night ahead... as well as a great public holiday tomorrow. :) Cheers!!


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