Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Merry Christmas 2010)
Merry Christmas!! :)
Time flies..., It is already the Christmas eve  (as well as the anniversary for me and LB) for year 2010. It has been a great night and I am glad that LB has been able be back on time from her road trip to celebrate all these with me. :) (Feel thankful and grateful for that). We have a simple celebration at the Ecco Cafe and spend some times chit chatting there. :) A very nice place in deed, small but nice. Food is great and I know that I will paying my visit there again next time. Do remember to book your seats before you went there because there is a lot of peoples waiting to be seated specially on the festive season. ;)

More photos after the jump...

Anyway, another year has comes to an end. :) But before that, some stats. This year, 8k different visitors has dropped by. Visited for a total of 14k onsite page views. For each of which I am truly grateful. Malaysia was the most visited-from country (around 64.7%), followed by United State (23.5%) and finally Thailand and France (each carry like around 5.8%). Thank you all for stopping by. :)

And finally, here is our top 5 most view portrait post. (Since May - Dec 2010, I think there might be some older posts with higher clicks than all these but, these are the data that I manage to get so far for the year 2010, I apologize on that)
  1. 2010 Ghost Festival TeoChew Chinese Opera
  2.  Kok Aun + Shin Yee Actual Day Wedding Morning | Dinner
  3.  Beauty Dish Test Shot
  4.  Yew Tat (Tatty) at the Happy Fun Park
  5.  Yu Xuan One Year Old Birthday Celebration
Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Merry Christmas 2010)
Have a great night people. :)
Finally, A Merry Christmas to all of you and a great 2011 New Year ahead!! Again, thanks for all the great support you all have given for year 2010. I hope that all of you will have a great night. CHEERS!! :)


  1. 哇……好多人造访你的部落呢~

    对了,我想问问,那 "you might like" 的那个 gadget 是怎么弄的呢?

  2. 不算多了。。。您看一看其他人的,就更加吓人了。:“P 不过,也蛮感谢大家的支持。。。不然,这部落格,也不会来到这一天啊。。。:)

    那一个吗。。。,其实,使用了一个叫。。。 的Widget做出来的。他们的Support 也很好。。.您可以到他们的网站看一看。:)我也花了好几天,才把它Integrate了进来。:)(很谢谢他们的帮忙):)

  3. 哈哈~~刚刚加了那个 widget :P 不过因为我的部落很多篇都是没有照片的,所以有点怪……今后写文章要多加图案了 XD

  4. 对对,以后,就加些照片或图案。。。就会很不错了。。。而且,这一个Widget的crawling需要一些时间。。。才会慢慢的crawl完整个blog。;)





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