Danbo - Happy Chinese New Year!

Yeah I need some holiday - Large
It has been a pretty long, pack and busy week. But I am relief that everything will be come to an end soon and I will go and get my deserved rest and holiday after that. (Yeah it is already Chinese New Year next week). I believe most of the people are already in the holiday mood now. I bet I will started to feel that after tomorrow. (Pretty much everything will come to an end tomorrow, so I am glad about it). And also, there will be a hot pot dinner session with LB's colleague and I am glad that I will be able to par take in it. :")

More photos after the jump...

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Happy Chinese New Year)
Have a great Chinese New Year!! Huat arr!  :) - Large
Anyway, photo of the day is one of the photo from my Danbo series. (Of course there is only one, I just kick started this, since I just manage to get the Danbo few days back) A very small and cool, boxy Japanese comic character. :) I will use it (or them... still waiting for one to return from Japan) to shoot some photos once in a while. So stay tune for more ya... :") Anyway for the setup today. since it is already Chinese New Year... I decided to get some thing more on the warmer side... :"D a SB800 with 1/4 CTO gel in a double diffused softbox and the light is slightly feathered. and the rest of the light is from the ambient light. :)

Anyway, Just in case I won't make another post again, I would like to greet everyone with an early Happy Holiday and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!. I hope that you all will have a great rest, and some quality reunion with family, friends and relatives who have return from all over the world. Have a great festive season!! :) (Huat arr~~!!!) >:D


  1. halo, how r u recently? Have been a long time din visit ur blog. ;-) Nowadays abit lazy to read other;s blog. :p

    nice pic here! will go through ur blog again later. ;-)

  2. Hi Agnes... I am fine. Thanks for asking. :) Hehe is ok just come over and pay me a visit and leave some comments when you have the time. Thanks for dropping by and Happy CNY! :")





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