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Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (The Haunted)
It has returned - Large
It has been a great weekend where I manage to complete most of the preparation for the Chinese New Year (CNY). Manage to complete my car detailing with Lean after I have not be working on it for like almost 1 year? (Darn me, I feel darn bad for neglecting it for such a long time... but right now, I feel great looking at it with the deep gloss and the watery feel on top of the black paint! Thanks Lean for coming over to help out!!) :"D. Still a few more tasks left to go before I headed back to my hometown for celebration. (Gosh I guess I have started to smell the atmosphere of CNY right now) :"D But before that, I will need to go through a pretty pack and busy week. Is alright, I think I will have my fruitful rest after that. :")

And I have gone through my knee checkout (finally...) and looks like my old injury has returned to haunt me. I never realized that it is that bad that eventually one of the ligament (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) has torn few years back due to a basketball injury. (I know the knee is no longer at it's top performance but I didn't realize that it is that bad inside). Doctor advised me to go for an operation after the acute phase. (yes it is a muscle sprained the other day but after the MRI, the doctor shown me my torn ligament on the report). I will see how it goes and will determine with the doc if an operation is required, probably next year?. (Seriously, I still feel pretty scary when you will be unconscious for few hours and then people is operating you while you are... "resting"?)

And photo for the day, just been thinking about my crappy knee and the old injury, so..., I came up with this photo. It is shoot using the multiple exposure feature on the body and seriously you won't know what is the outcome of the photo until you finish with all your exposures. (So it is kinda fun as well) :") And for the setup, a 1 light setup with a green geled grid on the SB-800 pointed to the window.

Anyway, I guess that's all I have a for tonight. I hope that everyone will have a great week a head (I know somebody will, with her soon to buy new toy tomorrow. ;"D) and have a great night folks. Signing off...


  1. Wow~~ It looks like a scary painting instead of a photo XD
    By the way, do take care, don't do too much jumping outside your house again :P
    I feel the CNY atmosphere in my house too~ Hehe

  2. Eemm... a photo that looks a painting, not bad also. :) Yeah it is not due to the jump actually. It is an injury during the basketball game few years back. Yeah CNY feeling is here... can feel it already. :D

  3. It looks like a movie poster! Great effect! :)
    By the way, it's not that scary as you think. I heard over the radio last week about knee surgery, I think it's better to do than it becomes worse. Your doctor will explain to you the process and I think for this you can choose LA rather than GA?

  4. Thanks B&G. :")

    Yeah the doctor do explained the process to me. It is like cut out part of the ligament from my leg and then screw it in between the bones and then wait for it to be bio degrade it. What is LA and GA?





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