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It has been a great week so far. Getting some good rest after a week of hard work. I am glad that I manage to close most of the Chinese New Year shopping and get ready for the celebration. :) (Looks like the CNY is just few weeks ahead from now). Watch The Tourist with LB as well. Not a bad show I will saw, the show added a few twist where you could only know the story at the end of the show. (So if you are a fans for Angelina Jolie and Johnny Deep, don't miss this movie ya.) ;)

It has been a while I didn't make any strobe shoot, so..., this will be the 1st one for year 2011 and I think I should kick start some of my project real soon :") And for our photo of the day, trying to get some adventure shoot here, lurking around in a house, searching for truth? Anyway, this is just some lowlight setup shoot here. Main light on the subject is the blue gel-ed SB800 with full power on a gridded beauty dish distance at 3 feet from the subject. And the background has been lighted with a red gel-ed 580EXII on a reflective umbrella. There should be a spoky "object" at the back of the subject, but too bad, the trigger just didn't triggered well behind obstacles (the wall). (Deng..., I guess is time to look into a better trigger now).

I think that's all for this evening. Planned to go and watch some Taiwanese show with LB later. :) I hope that you all had a great weekend as well as a great Sunday evening as well. Signing off... ;)


  1. This one didn't portray the spookiness :P In fact, I thought you're doing a modelling pose. :P

  2. Opps...:"P too bad then. Bet will need to do better next round then. Thanks for the inputs ya B&G. ;)

  3. 期待你买了新的 trigger 之后再尝试一次 :P

  4. 好好。。。没问题,不过,还在等待Trigger的release。希望可以找一些拿到,就可以试一试了。:)





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Chiat Hau is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Penang, Malaysia. He started his photography journey by shooting strangers' portrait on the streets of Penang and around the world whenever he travel. Observing life and culture through the viewfinder, Chiat Hau has found a passion for framing his subjects in a natural, cinematic and yet photo-journalistic fashion. Capturing precious moments in both commissioned assignments and personal projects.