The Sidekick

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (The Sidekick)
The Sidekick (Yee Ha~!) - in Large
It has been a pretty busy week last week. Getting everything ready and doing some final shopping for the Chinese New Year which is like 2 weeks ahead.(Still left some ride detailing and spring cleaning to complete then I think I am ready for the celebration already! WooHoo~!) Getting ramp up on most of the tasks on hand and wanna ensure that I will have a smooth and restful one week festive celebration after that. Anyway, I guess I am not that lucky anyway getting my knee hurt again this evening (After I have quit the basketball for so many years, I think this is the first time that I refeel the pain of leg injury, deng...). Anyway I just hope that I will be recover really really soon (hopefully before Chinese New Year...) ~: |

Anyway for photo of the day, something slightly different today (and also some setup that I have wanna go for a pretty long time) doing some daylight strobe. The shot is done with just 1 light at 1/2 power. With a silly me doing some karate move here (HeeYa~). :"P (Forgive the model, he is just not that good in modeling).

Anyway, A short blog post and I think I better get some rest now. I just wanna get the knee to rest more before I go for some checkout and scanning on Friday. Hopefully nothing went really bad inside. Have a great night and day people. Signing off... :)


  1. Nice action and facial expression is good. You should raise your leg higher to form real side kick... but better don't try it or it will stretch your leg too much.

  2. Fook Ling: Haha, yes I think so too. :"P I bet the action will be better if I can kick higher. :"P (But I am not a karate kid) and better dun strech too much later susah. :"D

    LyPing: Yes you are right!! Gamabteh neh~!! >:D

  3. Your knee got injured because you jumped for the photo shooting? :O
    And... did anyone see you jumping outside your house? :P
    Anyway, take care oh...

  4. Haha Jaleen. Yes this is shoot outside my house. :"P Neh I dun think anyone saw it. :"P Yeah weak knee and after MRI, found that one of the ligament has teared due to the old injury. Anyway will see how things go.





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