The Air Jordan 11 - The Legend has Return

Event Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Air Jordan XI)
Yup the legend is back!
I used to play basketball last time but I have stopped playing after a pretty bad knee injury during a game. Yeah it has been like 4-5 years back that I didn't touch any bball. But still I am very and deeply in love with this game. If I am ask if I wanna play it again, of course I will. (But base on the weight that I have gain so far, I bet my performance will surely sucks on the court) :"P

More photos after the jump...

And I think it is pretty common for ballers to have one or two of their favorite bball shoe. For me there is no exception as well. I used to remember that my first official bball shoe is a Converse where sis bought it back from US for me during a sales. But among all the shoes, I still have my love for the Air Jordan XI. Overall, I think some people might either hate it or love it. (Guess I have fall into the love category). The overall design has been pretty modern at that time (1997?) where it has a piece of black shining part at the front. but overall it is a pretty comfy shoes on the court. You could just feel like the whole shoes is wrapping your feet nicely and the grip and feel to the ground is just superb.

Event Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Air Jordan XI)

Event Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Air Jordan XI)

Anyway I am not a very good shoes reviewer. Just sharing a piece of feeling of how I feel when I have this shoes on my feet. (I use to have the white/black version) And the photos here are the black and red version (It is a replica version BTW) :"P. Anyway the photo shoot are done in 1 light or 2 lights setup. I didn't do the BTS shoot for all this shoots.

Event Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Air Jordan XI)

No matter what, hope that you all will enjoy it. Oh ya for the fans of the Air Jordan XI. I think they will be retro-ing the black and white version during this year holiday season. So do remember to check those out so that you could get one pairs for yourself during the release.

Thanks and have a great night ahead. :) Signing off...


  1. Nice shot!
    Always love the shoes with combination of black, white and red. I had one pair of Nike Shox VC IV (Vince Carter 4) before with same colors but they are retired.

    Since it is AirJordan, you can try shoot them in the air next time (with wings attached?) haha...

  2. Thanks FL. :)
    Yeah same here, I feel that it is very special. Specially the red sole at the bottom. The black and white one is also another love for me. :"D Yup I remember your shox man. :)

    Hehe. It wanna shoot something in the air. I will get you guys to pose for me... :"P You will not want a cacat man to jump and injured his knee again this round. x")

  3. New shoes! Nice! The black/white one is nice too! What do you mean by replica version? They no longer produce this?

  4. Yes actually both colorway is nice. :)Among all the Air Jordan. This is my fav. :"D Yeah, it is not reproducing it anymore (You will need to wait for retro now to get it) replica can also means that it is not original? :"| The ori will cause like USD175. But of coz you get the great quality as well if you are getting the ori one. ;)

  5. Hmm... no comment on the shoes, but I just like the photo of the shoes :)





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