Danbo - A Better Tomorrow

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - A Better Tomorrow)
A Better Tomorrow - in Large
It has been a pretty good Sunday morning where I manage to naturally wake up (by not using an alarm clock) at around 10am and get quite a good sleep and rest (Other than missing LB sms on 3am, I think the rest is alright - glad that she has arrived there safely). On my way out and back from getting my breakfast at a Malay stall outside. I saw the blue blue sky for this morning. Seldom see such a blueish sky in Penang, I think it might due to the thunderstorm yesterday which give us such a good, blue and clear sky this morning.

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Look at the sky, there has been some thought that has been running in my mind wondering how long our mother earth could last and when will such a blue sky be there for us. I decided to go back and get some photo shoot for the sky today after my breakfast. (Yes I am pretty starving that time). Took out both the danbo, set them up and decided to use just one light for this shoot. a diffused SB900 at 1/4 around 2 feet from Danbo. BTS shoot as below.

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - A Better Tomorrow - BTS)
Yeah the little Danbo is missing here. :"P
Anyway, I have been doing a lot of thinking on our environment thingy lately. (After all the disaster that we witnessed for the past few years) I am glad that Penang has been the state that is doing a full week no plastic state in Malaysia. At least we as the citizen of earth could just do something directly/indirectly to protect and preserve it from getting worst. (But I bet we could do more to preserve the environment). Let's do our part today and preserve a better tomorrow for our future generation. Have a great night and a great week ahead people... Signing off. :)


  1. like the Danbo.... cute!!! like the blue blue sky as well.... of course, your photo too!!

  2. Thanks for all the like(s) and your visit here AL. ;)

  3. Another simple and awesome shot... just love it...

  4. save the electricity, save water, save transport when we go to nearby places, etc... There are always many ways to do it. :)

    It depends on personnel, whether or not to do it.

  5. Yeah there are so many little things that we could do to contribute to the environment. So I believe if we do our part. The earth will just be another good place to stay in. ;)





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