Danbo - Earth Hour 2011

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Earth Hour)
Yeah is Earth Hour - in Large
It is the earth hour yesterday, I have tried to participate in this efforts by switching off most of the unused appliances and lights from 830PM to 930PM. So it is kinda dark at home yesterday, luckily the eye adapt quite well to it after a while so that I still could have my movement around the house in the dark. :")

More photos after the jump...

While sitting in the dark, I decided to get a photo shoot that is related to the Earth Hour. Setting up slowly and then get the shoot done. Looks like Danbo is our main character again this round. Anyway both shoots are done with a 2 lights setup. Both lights are attached to CTO and grid to give a warmer feeling as well as to control the spill of the light on other area. (So pretty much the light just fall onto Danbo). So which shoot do you all prefer? BTS shoot as below:

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Earth Hour)
Now much better, we have a candle now. ;) - in Large
Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Earth Hour - BTS)
Kinda dark BTS shoot - Hope that the caption will help on the setup
Anyway, Another weekend went by. I will say that it has been a rainy Saturday (Yes it has been like raining for the whole SAT) and a pretty sunny Sunday. Glad that I could have a proper rest this weekend and meet up with a friends who stop by in PG from KL. (He used to be my secondary school mate. We have a great chat. Thanks for the meet up and the lunch Wei Min) ;) and get ready for another new week ahead.Have a great night people. Signing off... ;)


  1. Wow~~ I like the reflection photo a lot!!
    Planning to try taking some reflection photos when I'm free... Hehe...

  2. Thanks Jaleen. :) Yeah you should try to take some reflection photo next time. ;)

  3. Stunning... now I know how people shoot object in the dark...

  4. Thanks FL. pretty much is all about the light control. It is like where you wanna light it and where you don't want your light to fall to. Glad that you all like it. ;)





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