Danbo - Finally it has Returned!

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - The Motherboard has returned)
Yes finally the motherboard has returned! - in large
It has been like 3 weeks that I have not done any blog post. For those who are close and following me on my Facebook. They will know the reason to it. I have send my motherboard for a warranty claim. Initially I plan to get a new board just to ensure that my daily photo shoot routines will not stop. But after think about it (with some inputs from the computer shop) I decided to wait for the warranty claim in stead of getting a new board. (Plan to just finish off with this system and probably get a new i7 or probably iMac next round? We shall see) :")

Anyway, it has been 3 weeks like this without any photo shoot and photo processing. (Darn the life is tough when it has been a habit for you to shoot something everyday and then suddenly it stop. You could just feel the shutter bug is biting all over your body). I would like to shoot eventually but waiting for 2-3 weeks to process the photos is a painful (and sinful?) thingy for me. Can't barely see it on the small tiny LCD screen on the DSLR body. Anyway, on the good side is that, I could use all these time off to optimize the speed of this blog as well as accompany LB before she headed for her road trip again. (So this is not bad at all) :)

Anyway for photo of the day, it is just a celebration that the motherboard is finally back! (WooHoo!) so I use the danbo as the main character for this shoot. :) Something slightly different this round is that I am using the Nikon CLS for this shoot. (This is the 1st time I am using the CLS since I have 2 SB(s) now - most of the strobe shoot previously are done in manual mode - Anyway it is a pretty cool experience in deed with CLS ;)). For the setup there is a SB800 with blue gel on grid on the left to give some blue light to the motherboard and SB900 with a 1/4 CTO on grid on the left as well pointing directly to the Danbo (I have slighlty dial down the TTL power for the main light so that it will not over power the blue light at the back). For the setup, do refer to the BTS shoot below. (This is the 1st time I do the BTS shoot, so... hope that it helps for those who are interested with it, and of course inputs are always welcome, like it, don't like it, scrap it...etc) ;")

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - The Motherboard has returned)

Anyway, it has been a great weekend for me. A lot of things have been accomplished this weekend. (I am very glad about that). And most importantly most of the items are in place now. PC is now fully functional and I could return to my normal routine again. :") No matter what, I hope that everyone have a great weekend as well. Hope that it will be a great week ahead for everyone. Signing off... ;)


  1. wah..amazing on the flash skill!! cool!! like it!!

  2. Thanks Peow... Glad that you like it. ;)

  3. welcome back and looking forward for more amazing pics...:)

  4. Thanks Beh... will get more time to shoot and post up more photos. ;)

  5. No wonder... Waiting for your post for a long time... :P
    I saw a box-human (?) in the cpu... =.="
    By the way, I like the lighting~ :)

  6. Hehe yes, motherboard has been send for warranty claim, so... cannot do anything on my PC. now it is back and I could resume what I do now. :"D

    The human box is actually a comic character call Danbo. (Just appear in one series of the comic but it is just so famous - come in big and small size) :")

    Thanks for the like Jaleen. :)

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