Danbo - Cliff of the Fridge Magnet

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - The Cliff of Fridge Magnet)
Yeah I wonder about that as well - in Large
Seriously, I am pretty happy this week, where LB has finally returned from her road trip. :) Finally after 4 weeks... Is good to be able to see her again after so long. :") But, we also just received a bad news that her grandmother has passed away this morning. <:( Everything gets pretty "clumsy" after this where we will need to rearrange our schedule and plan for this. Anyway, LB went back home today to attend the funeral and I will go back home on the later day. Anyway it is always hard to lost a family member that is closed to you. I just hope everything is alright at there right now... <:|

More photos after the jump...

Anyway, A pretty quick shoot today. A 2 lights setup this round. I called it the "Cliff of the Fridge Magnet" since I took it at the refrigerator there (with all my fridge magnets collections from all the places that I visited :")) One red gel-ed SB800 at the back danbo and one gridded SB900 with 1/2 CTO attached to provide a bit of warm fill light just to light up the location I needed. (Danbo and some of the magnets). Anyway for a detail BTS shoot. Do refer to the BTS shoot below. ;)

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - The Cliff of Fridge Magnet)
Alright it is darn deep - in Large

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - The Cliff of Fridge Magnet)

Before I ended this post. I would like to wish Tatty a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know Fiona has taking a lot of efforts to get our recorded videos and compiled into one interesting video for you. ;) (Hopefully my sucky video (that is recorded with my Iphone 3Gs) will give a bit of cheer in your special day) ;) Have a great celebration Tatty and my best wishes to you and Fiona. ;) Alright then... I should go and get some rest now - It is raining again here. Have a great night people. Signing off...


  1. Hahaha... the 3rd picture has more things to see. So it's more interesting to me.. :P
    Really amazed by the # of magnets!! You have visited so many places! Do update us when your whole fridge is covered up. :)

  2. Hehe no problem. Didn't show all the magnets in the 2nd shoots because just wanna give a feel of how deep the cliff is when it is getting deeper and deeper.

    Think the fridge magnets have caught your attention ya. Some of them is at the same country but different location. :"P I use the fridge magnet as a token of reminding me where I have been so far. So it is good. :) Yeah will let you all know once the whole fridge is covered up. x"D

  3. Shots out of the ordinary!
    Creative! It shows the subject in a different perspective. :)

  4. Very nice angle of shooting ^^

    Although the photo gives me a feeling of sadness and helpless... XD

    (It's been almost one month that I didn't visit to your blog, kinda busy recently :P )

  5. Hehe is alright Jaleen. Just drop by when you are free... I am pretty tight up lately as well.

    So is good to have you back and thanks for all the kind words. :)





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