Danbo - Unleashed

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Unleashed)
Yeah who else...
My mind has been pretty relaxing today on my way home. Manage to meet up with a bunch GSM friends and have dinner together. It is so coincidence where we manage to meet each other at the entrance of the lobby on my way out today. So we just get together, have our dinner and some chat. It has been a while I didn't join them for dinner. So it feels pretty good actually. Thanks Meei Wen, ML and Raymond for the company. ;)

More photos after the jump...

And of course... with some relaxing mind (usually relaxing mind have the tendency to run wild)... and here comes our photo of the day. I decided to get Danbo for another shoot this round, but trying to create some power up feeling for Danbo here. Using just one light (SB800 with blue gel attached to a grid), setting the light up and started to pour the water in. :"P (It took a while to get the right amount water to create the effect or bokeh that I needed). And of course, laying on the floor to shoot means a dirty body after the shoot. :"P Anyway BTS as below:

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Unleashed)
Show me the POWER

Product Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Unleashed)
Oh yeah, the floor is soaking wet now. :"P
Another short post today. Will go and get some rest now. (Wait, I still have all my gears at the living room). I bet I will need to clear and keep it back to their "home" before I could headed to get some rest. At least do something that could rest myself up. May be a quick round of NBA2K11? ;) Have a great night people. Signing off...


  1. Thanks Broc. Glad that you enjoy it.:)

  2. SUI AH...!
    whoi... 85mm f1.4G?
    one day have to try liao :P

  3. Thanks Joel.
    Yes it is the 85mm F1.4G. Great lens in deed. love the photo that are produce from this lens. :")

  4. Hi CH, I'm very impressed with your photographs.
    Others take pictures.
    You create pictures. And looking at your various well taken, creative shots like looking at National Geographic. Love your angles, your depth and perspective. And play of colours.

    Your pics tell a whole page besides the mystery too.
    CH, outstanding!

    I too love photography, and long ago took scenery, landscapes, sunsets....then got bored.
    And one day by chance discovered portrait photography....
    So today as a hobby, I make women, mature ones beautiful thru my camera lens.
    More interesting not to mention exciting too, ha ha.

    I have a 13 year old Nikon SLR F-601 with a 35mm-135mm portrait lens and accessory flash etc, and for backup a 30 years old Yashica Electro SLR 35, 50 mm lens.
    And only lately bought a Nikon Coolpix S1100pj to fool around with.
    Still trying to get used to looking at the screen instead of viewfinder.

    You have fun and keep well.
    Best regards.

  5. Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by and going through my work and for all the kind and encouragement comments. (I guess this the longest comments that I got so far) :")

    I think I started to go into this when I am using my brother Canon film DSLR. (Still not very good at it) and then got myself a decent Nikon D70 and wasted quite a lot of times there. (Where I stop taking photos for quite a LONG time) and then re-pick up and getting serious into it few years back.

    It feels pretty good doing what you love and ppl are loving what you shoot as well. For me it is like an art, people might either love it or hate it. So, just another subjective matter.

    Didn't know that you are into photography as well. :) You got tones of pretty cool camera there seriously. But I bet you will be getting use to it really soon with the screen in stead of the viewfinder.

    Have fun and happy photographing Uncle Lee. ;)

    * BTW I am Lee as well. ;"D

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