Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Self Portrait - Hiding)
Not sure what am I hiding from, Yes that Hendrix on the shirt. ;) - in Large
Return from the mall to check some product's price for LB and in the end, found that the counter's promoter has returned home earlier than expected. So mission failed for today. Guess I will need to go again tomorrow... (or the day after that to check for the price - I think is a no no for tomorrow. It will be an extremely busy day). But, I am glad that I have went to Yataimura for a bowl of Ramen. :")(At least a good dinner cheers me up) :")

Just another night that I feel like getting some shoot done. Don't feel like shooting Danbo, so... it is just going to be my, myself and I this round. A simple setup where a gridded beauty dish on the upper left like 2 feet away from subject and a bare flash with grid on the right just add some kick there. (no gel today people) And I apologize that I didn't shoot any BTS shoot today. ~:"| (Guess I Just miss that out tonight) <: |

Anyway a short post. I am going to get my rest soon. I bet I will need a lot of energy to sustain from 7am to 9/10pm tomorrow. Have a great night people. Signing off...:)


  1. Haha hiding the lips away! Cos you can compete with Hendrix. :P

  2. Haha... yes yes Pandai nia... x"D

  3. need to pakai lens panjang ke? your space must be huge...

  4. Hehe not really Beh. I just wanna try out some tighter shoot. :")





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Chiat Hau is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Penang, Malaysia. He started his photography journey by shooting strangers' portrait on the streets of Penang and around the world whenever he travel. Observing life and culture through the viewfinder, Chiat Hau has found a passion for framing his subjects in a natural, cinematic and yet photo-journalistic fashion. Capturing precious moments in both commissioned assignments and personal projects.