Cold Cold Night

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Strobist - Cold Cold Night)
Yeah it is cold - in Large

A pretty good weekend actually. Manage to accompany a visitor from the state around a few heritage sites of Penang. I have not really been to all these sites before, I think this is the second time that I am there and eventually it did really helps me to understand a lot about the history behind each sites. And of course found quite a few good locations for shooting as well. :) Too bad, LB received a call to support an issue (even though she is not the primary on call personal this week and she has not been communicated that her primary on call personal will be out for that hour - if not I think we will either push the movie session earlier or later after those hour) in the middle of our movie session (Pirates of the Caribbean) and we will need to head back home to ensure that the issue is resolved properly. Anyway, we missed our dinner on SAT but I am glad that LB manage to solve and close everything properly (It is already mid night that time). No matter what, we have a good and simple meal that night and of course a great Sunday lunch with a bunch of friends today. :) Gonna cherish what you had and received everyday. :)

More photos after the jump

Anyway, for photo of the day it is a 2 lights setup. a SB900 in the gridded beauty dish at the upper left of the subject and another gridded SB800 at the lower right of the subject (just to give some additional light to the subject). This round I didn't use any gel, in stead I just dial down the WB just to give the cold-ish feeling there. Anyway, for setup geeks here is the BTS shoot.

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Strobist - Cold Cold Night)
Our BTS as usual. ;)

Anyway, Gonna get back to do some photo processing and some planning. Looking forward for the upcoming weekend though. I bet it will just be another excited and awesome photo shoot. Going to get some rest now. Have a great Sunday night peepz. Signing off...


  1. I'm waiting for your photos taken at the shooting location you mentioned in your post... :P

  2. Hehe I will see if I can post some up tomorrow. Not a lot though... ;)

  3. A cool cool guy in a cold cold night! :p

  4. Aiks... actually not really that cool lar... just the cold night. :")





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