Happy Mother's Day

Portraiture  Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Happy Mother Day 2011)
Thanks Mom :)
As usual, waking up pretty late on Sunday, getting myself ready to have a small mother day lunch with mom today. :) Mom has been gladly accepted the lunch invite when I gave her a call the other day. Anyway, we have went for a Korean treat today and personally I think it is great. Not only because of the food, but also the people that you are having your meal with. (yes with Mom and LB, the two most important woman in my life ;"))

Come to think of it, Mom has been went through a lot of tough time while we are still young. Dad passed away earlier (I think I am at my end of standard two that time). I still could remember that Mom do conducted some additional tuition class after her normal working hours everyday (Yes Mom is a teacher) and pretty much has take up the whole family burden to raised all 3 of us and give us the best that she could afford. And she manage to send bro and sis to the states for education and me finish my university education here. (Which is pretty hugh thing that has been accomplished by a single parent family). I believe without her, we will not be at where we are right now.

Happy Mother Day Mom. Thanks for all the things that you have done for us. We Love You. :") (And also Happy Mother Day to all the Mom or Mom to be in the world as well). You all are the best. :)


  1. Looking at her contented face. Guess she's happy with the meal and she sure feels so proud of you. :) Good to have an appreciative thoughts towards our parents. Without them, without us.

    * The feel of the photo looks like you guys were in Japan. :P

  2. Yes that's really true B&G. After think about it. I bet we won't be at where we are now without them. (Everything that they have did for us)

    Hehe, yes this is a Korean restaurent in Tanjong Tokong. Pretty nice one as well. Mom do love Japz food, but I bring her somewhere different to give a bit of different taste sometimes. :)

  3. For this year's Mother's Day, I went down to KL for training... Not able to celebrate with her... :(

  4. Is ok I think she will understand. :) I bet you have a very nice trip to KL. :)





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