Danbo - Misery Goes with the Wind

Toys Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Danbo - Misery Goes with the Wind)
Danbo - Misery Goes with the Wind - in Large

Feel great that I am back blogging again. It has been a while that I stop. (Even though my inner self is telling me that I should continue doing so even though there are so many things on hand that needs to be completed). Anyway, I am still in the middle of getting the grove back on blogging. :) I think sometimes, after a person get sick (Yes, having flu (again) for the last few days and it is sucks for being sick), eventually it will bring you back to the beginning, where you have started (some sort like a reboot) recalling what you should not forget and continue doing. So I will posting more really soon. So stay tune... ;)

And for the update, nothing much, just in case wondering what I have been doing lately. Here we go, getting myself familiarize with a new baby is not a easy job specially when it is running totally on a different OS. But I am glad that I have switch over to it and have a feel on it. Personally, I think it perform much faster compare to my quad core extreme desktop. Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop operation on it is super smoother, fast and very responsive (and it is not laggy at all compare to my desktop). So for the last few weeks, I am getting myself familiarize with all the control, shortcuts and migrate all my actions over to this new laptop. Yeah it is my first Macbook Pro. And I am glad that I have one now. ;) Thanks Lean for showing me his Macbook Air (MBA) and eventually I have buy off after did some test with his LR on his MBA. ;)

Anyway for photo of the day... (I got to apologize that I forget to shoot the BTS for this Danbo shoot). :( Anyway it is a simple setup where it just a flash with a reflective umbrella about 2 feet on the left from the subject. lens is wide open at F1.4 and the flash is at around 1/128 50mm). I think the tricky part is on the water part where I will need to ensure that it will go only 1 direction somehow. Anyway here we go. Danbo - Misery Goes with the Wind. Just hope that all the sickness will gone really soon so that I could have my optimum performance back again. ;)

Alrighty, I will call it a night then. Not a long one with not a lot of photos here. I hope that all of you will have a great evening ahead. Signing off... :)

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  1. I would say, drink more water and have enough rest, that's a lot much helpful to your health. If possible, just take a 5 ~ 10 minute nap at noon time, that helps, perhaps. :)

    Take care ya.





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