Say NO to Lynas

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (Say No to Lynas )

It has been a while that I have not done any one photo blog post. Today will be those day that I will do one to support a campaign that most people is supporting today. (I say "most of" the people not "all" since there has been some people that have come to give a different side of their view (and even cause some riots) during the peaceful parade just now.)

Anyway, it is a "Say NO to Lynas, Save Malaysia" campaign that have been raised to show their dissatisfaction on plants that is currently been build in Kuantan right now. Personally I think that this is a pretty bad contract the government has signed with the Australia mining company on processing rare earth in the land of Malaysia. which will involve a lot of radioactive sustains in and after the whole process of processing the rare earth. I don't think is a good ideas to setup a plants that will cause radioactive hazard to the people in Malaysia. I understand that it is good to setup plants (or plans) that will help to improve the growth of the country but if it involve the health of the residents in the country. It will be a NO NO for me.

Anyway, I really really hope that the government will somehow listen to the voices from the people and somehow find a way to on hold this project. I bet a lot of people is concerning about this country and the path that this country is going right now. You can see and feel how much they care and love this country. No matter what, Hoping for the best for my country as well as the future generation. Hopefully..., it will be a good one. Have a great night people. Signing off...

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  1. agree with you! Wonder why those leaders can't even see it or just think logically? Maybe they're just idiots! So sad to have such people to lead the country..

  2. Yeah, B&G. I am totally agree with you on this as well. Sometimes the same thing cross my mind as well and ask myself is it because of the temporary and profit margin that they get (or the country will get) but I wonder if they do see the after effects in the long run. Even their country will not build such plants there. I wonder why our government will accept this type of contract. and guess what, our PM just said that this will not harm and will not cause any after effect to the country. I wonder how things will be if it has been implemented and I bet "all of them" will not be here any more when that happen. (if you know what I mean)

  3. I see you like to use the word "anyway" :P

    1. Haha... you spotted that. :"P Used to do that quite often last time and trying to reduced those in the recent post. ;") Still improving my crappy Eng-a-lish... :")





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