Taiwan Trip 2011 - Day 10 (高雄 | 逢甲)

Waking up in the morning and has been created with the blue blue sky at Kenting. But too bad, it is going to be our last day here. And we will be headed back to Gao Xiong to headed to our next destination 逢甲.

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Before we headed to 逢甲, we decided to stay and hang around at 高雄 (Gao Xiong) for a walk. At least to a few interested places in Gao Xiong for a walk.

Anyway, Have a short great time there with all the interested places and views that I witness. Anyway, arriving in 逢甲 in bus. We headed to their famous 逢甲 night market for a walk. The night market is very close to a university. So you will see a lot of students there, which is very interesting in deed. It is like the night market is just right in front of the university. Tasted a lot of very delicious food at the night market and headed back to our hostel for a rest. More to come really soon..., Hope that you all have a great Wednesday. Signing off... :)

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