Strobist - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

It has been a while I did not do this type of shoot (I mean personal portrait shoot). I used to do that quite often until then, I have stop for a while. Anyway, it has been a day where I listen to a song and something struck me just like that which trigger me to made another shoot again. (Probably is just another good time to change my Facebook pofile photo again. Haha... x"D).

More Photos after the jump...

Anyway the location is not a so common one. I eventually has choose the toilet as the shooting location this round. Space is limited and the spread of light needs to be nicely control. Started with a octo with grid which did not really bring in the mood that I needed. and I have decided to go with a grid which kick in some contrast and edges between the light and shadow to the photo. I love it though, at least it is close to what I have been visionize for this shoot. something moody, cold and dark. Below are the lighting diagram for this shoot (as well as the music video that triggered this shoot). The bare flash outside the window is actually the light that provided some window grill shadow on top of the photo. No gel this round, just the white balance that is giving some cold mode in this photo.

Anyway, that's all I have for this evening, a very small and short photo shoot. Hope that you all will enjoy it. Have a great night ahead. ;) (I think I should kick start more of the strobing project soon...the bug is biting) x")

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