Phonography - The Emerald City and Beyond

I never thought that I will drop by at Seattle and never feel that much regret that I don't have my DSLR along for some proper shoot. It is a spontaneous one, where 4 of us decided to went there for the weekend while we are at the state. Anyway, guess I will need to go back to the Phonography style just to ensure that I got some photos taken since I am already here. :")

More photos after the jump...

Seriously, All I know about the city of Seattle is Jimi Hendrix and Vampire. LB always told me that Vampire is from Seattle... is from Seattle. (After watching the twilight saga). Anyway, somehow Seattle remind me of San Francisco. Probably because of the nice weather there. The Pike Market has been an interesting place and it is very very close to the 1st StarBuck outlet in the world. We have a 15min quick stop at the needle tower and finally we stop by at the Snoqualmie Falls. Love the feeling of the falls. (Never been that close to one where I could just feel the water is showering towards us). Anyway, will let the photos do the talking here... ;")

Anyway, a great trip. Feel great that I finally can set my foot in the City of Seattle. Visited the 1st Starbuck outlet (Since that I am a coffee lover). And no matter what, getting back home is the best feeling that I have after the trip. Anyway, a small Phonography series. I hope that you all have enjoyed it. More blog post coming up soon, so do stay tune! ;) Have a great evening everyone. CHEERS!

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  1. What apps u use? :) Result is quite pleasing.

  2. Hi B&G,

    I am using the pixlr express. It has been the one that I always used all these while. Very very versatile in deed. :)





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