After So Many Years

Finally a facelift since my last one on 2009. Yes one for the blog. It has took me a while to find the right template that suits my taste and then as usual, I started to expand the look and feel from there on wards. Customising and ensuring that everything looks the same on all browsers (This is the most challenging one. Yeah, it is very tough even for code junkies like me) :"| Anyway, I am glad that everything is now completed and finally this is the end result of a few weeks hard-works. :")

More photos after the jump...

Anyway, the look and feel this round is totally different than what we have previously. We have a white background this instead of a black one. And with a minimalist design on the main page. Much simple, tidier (and elegant?). At least, I feel this look more simple and nice this round (Which is pretty close to what I do have in mind). And shout out to Ghanshyam Singh from Digital Hub who has developed the template.

Still with the facelift, I have added some new functionalities and features into it as well. Hope that you all will find it interesting and ease you all in viewing the blog. :)

New Feature List as below:
  • Pinterest - You could now "Pin" photos to your pinterest, by just rollover to the photos (A "Pin it" button will appear on top of the photos). 
  • Contact Form - is now ready. You all could now filed your enquiries directly from there. 
  • Facebook Comments - Feeling lazy to have a google account to comment on the blog post? Just use your facebook comments to do so. 
  •  Facebook Like - Of course, support and share your love on the post by using the Facebook Like button.

Anyway, do let me know what do you all think about the layout of the new color scheme, template and features for the blog. (Or if there is any additional feature that you all would like to have so that it will ease you all when browsing this blog). Appreciate that in advance and have a great evening ahead. :")

* If you all found any bugs along the way, you are most welcome to report it back to me and I will get it resolved soonest the possible. :)

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