The Sinister

Portrait Photography by Chiat Hau Photography (The Sinister - Happy Halloween 2013)

A short post. I did this as a photo shoot for the upcoming Halloween for year 2013. Conceptually, instead of a close up shoot, I would like to try something different this round, a more environment cinematic shoot (Just like those seen in the movie poster). :")

More photos and info after the jump...

On the setup, it is a 2 light setup, one bare flash light with 1/2 CTO outside the window and one table lamp on the table, just to add some additional ambience essense to the cabinet in front of the subject. I plan to add one more flash as fill, but the result is not really that good, still prefer this one in the end.

This is a Halloween shoot for year 2013. After another one that I shoot on 2011. Personally, there is still a lot of improvement can be done for this shoot... Need a better model (instead of the silly me) makeup, some better props (a curtains, some blood, one person laying on the floor) and locations (some even more rustier area instead of my kitchen), I believe it will give a better mood and feel to the overall shoot. So any model out there who would like to shoot and try something different? :"D

For those who celebrate Halloween! and I hope that you all will have a spooky one. CHEERS!! ;")

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