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Chiat Hau Photography (Welcome New Smugmug Portfolio)

It has been years that I would like to have a decent portfolio site that I seen on the web for a while. And eventually, I am quite excited (Yes, I am really excited) when I see the new feature that has been launched by smugmug few months back.

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The new smugmug finally allow their members to have a customisable portfolio site, and control what you would like to display out to your viewer plus organise your folder and portfolio accordingly. Without much hesitation, I have dive into it and started to play around with all the new features that the new smugmug has provided.

Chiat Hau Photography (Welcome New Smugmug Portfolio)

Alright at the beginning, it is never easy to set it up, where you will need to deal with the new system, choosing your photos and organise and display it the way you want to your viewers. Honestly, it took quite a while (probably like 4 weeks to complete the whole setup). Love the way it could configure the look and feel now and when you click on the photo, it will bring up a lightbox so that the viewer could view a bigger version of photo and have navigation arrow to navigate in that particular section of portfolio. (Very cool in deed!)

Chiat Hau Photography (Welcome New Smugmug Portfolio)

As summary, there is still a lot to improvement area and features that need to be ported from the legacy smugmug. Still, I am very happy that the smugmug hero support team has always been there to assist and provide information to remove all the roadblocks that I have faced along the way of setting this portfolio site. (I almost want to give up on smugmug and started to search for new image hosting site, and yes I am serious). Anyway, I have hold off that thought after all the professional services they provided to me via email. KUDOS to the smugmug hero team! That's all for tonight and hope that you all will enjoy the new smugmug. Have a great night ahead! :")

New portfolio URL:

* And for those who are interested to try out the new smugmug, You all could join smugmug using the coupon code 4mqG127nv9CEg here where you will entitled for some discount there. (And in the same time I will get $10 discount back on my next renewal) ;")

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