Chinese New Year 2014

This has been quite a pending blog post that I would like to get it done since. (Chinese New Year has passed for so so long, Darn! :"P) Have been busy with a lot of tasks on hand recently and glad that some of them is almost done. And now I got some time to keep the blog running again and yes, more blog post and photos will be shared soon!! :") (Stay tune…)

More photos after the jump…

And as usual, I have been doing portraiture shoot for the kids at home during Chinese New Year. (And it is going to be the same for this year too). I cannot believe that they have been growing up that fast. (Haha…) And by looking back at the portrait shoot I did for them for 2013, 2012, 2011 and so on… Gosh, time really flies. And still, I am glad that I manage to do so for all of them once a year. Not to mentioned that there are new addition to brother's family this year. :") (Which I believe they (might be) cherish it when they grow up in the future). Last time we used to reviewed the photo album and in the age of internet, all you need to do is just flip through the blog post I have? (Haha). Anyway, here comes the photos… :")

It has never been easy to get them to stand properly together to get some shoot. So, everything will need to go with the flow… and yes, they started to know how to pose in front of the camera (yeah all those funny or horror faces when they are corporating) and Ean has been following me on the pose I took his photos. :") Glad that Wei's daughter has been getting closer to me, where I could take some pretty natural shoot of her due to that reason. :") (Oh ya! I still have a pending post of her, will get that done soon and share with all of you really soon) :")

Alright, that's all for tonight. I still does not have a good ample time to spend with the new toy that I have got recently. Hopefully, I could complete tasks on hand really soon. Have a great night ahead folks! Cheers. :")

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