The Disassembled

Location Lighting Portrait by Chiat Hau Photography (The Disassembled)

There were times where a great team stick together, achieved great team works and continuously delivered superb end results. Still no matter what there will be times, where it is time for everyone disassembled and goes their own path for something greater and brighter. (Even though that means that everyone no longer together).

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Well, These photo shoot is requested by SY (Haha) Where he would like to have a photo that resembled the team where he could keep it as a memory. :") (If not we just decided to use phone or insta to shoot a team shoot). Anyway, a quick and small photoshoot in 3 lights. left SB800 in Magenta Gel while right SB900 in Blue Gel (The room with the orange wall just matched well with these 2 gels :")). and a Godox AD360 in Octobox with Grid. and here goes a final shoot for everyone before the team get disassembled. :")

Location Lighting Portrait by Chiat Hau Photography (The Disassembled)

Location Lighting Portrait by Chiat Hau Photography (The Disassembled)

Location Lighting Portrait by Chiat Hau Photography (The Disassembled)

Even though I don't plan to get myself into the shoot, (I don't have a tripod with me that time) and in the end, with some proper secure-ness of the DF on the light stand (Sound pretty scary). I am glad that I manage to be part of the photos for them too. (Haha). Anyway, All the best to three of the comrades... SY, BN and MC. My best wishes to everything that you all will be venturing into and be successful on those areas. Do ping us for lunch or coffee session if you all are back in town. CHEERS!!

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